Thursday, July 24, 2008


Louie Infante was the first candidate from the Municipality of Ilog in Negros Occidental to ever join Hari ng Negros.

Luigi, as he is fondly called by friends, is a typical teenager who enjoys online gaming.

He holds a black belt in taekwondo and also teaches the discipline part time as co-instructor.

For him, Hari ng Negros was the chance of a lifetime and the opportunity to challenge himself even further.

Being grilled by an international panel of celebrity judges, Luigi never faltered.

His composure was that of utmost confidence.

And his style and personality bagged him the award of Mr. Congeniality.

With his boyish charm and clean-cut good looks, Luigi was a crowd favorite throughout the show.

Radiating in a designer barong with a smile that lights up the whole room.

He is currently taking up Information Technology at the Kabankalan Catholic College but plans to follow in the footsteps of his father who is a soldier in the Philippine Army.

By the end of the year Luigi will be taking up the entrance exam for the Philippine Military Academy where he can hopefully realize his dream in serving the nation and its people.

Whatever destiny and fortune awaits you Luigi, the Hari ng Negros family will support you all the way.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Hari ng Negros.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


He has walked the ramp and is known for his simple yet elusive charm.

He lives everyday to catch the first rays of the morning sun.

And finds fulfillment in being one with the element.

Innocence and virtue are his trademarks.

And finds joy in life's simplest pleasures.

His crowning glory was joining Hari ng Negros.

Triumphantly emerging into royal splendor.

Behind the smile and Koreanovela looks, lies a deep and passionate person.

He is not your ordinary computer nerd.

He has authored many programs that people all around the world have benefited from.

His first generation, Youtube downloader and player has been used by millions. It can be found in Topshareware, Download3000, Softpedia, Brothersoft and He will soon be releasing his second generation PB downloader to the delight of many Youtube fans.

He has also designed a freeware, the PB Checkwriter.

As well as the PB Time Calculator, to help personnel managers keep accurate records of their employees.

His graphics website, Graphics99 is a library and collection of free images and graphics for Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, Blogger, Hi5, Piczo, Wordpress, TypePad, Xanga, Multiply, IGoogle, Orkut, Netvibes, LiveJournal and other social network sites and blogs.

He has designed and developed many websites single handedly and is a now a freelancer.

This my friends is Paul Brett Orozco. This is Hari ng Negros.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


She is known as the Grand Dame of Philippine Fashion and through the years Patis Tesoro has sacrificed her time and talent to come to Canlaon City to help choose and mentor the new King of Negros.

Her designs are legendary, international in scope with a touch of Philippine attitude. She is known for the revival of the Barong, the piƱa fiber industry and the Philippine Barbie Doll.

Her "Ninay" dolls are a must have in every serious doll collector's collection.

Her fashion shows and exhibits cross generations and have been seen in all corners of the globe.

At the same time her restaurant, Kusina Salud, hidden in the lush forests of San Pablo City in Laguna offers the best local cuisine imaginable. Presently managed by her daughter, the indefatigable Nina Tesoro Poblador with chief chef, husband Paul, Kusina Salud is a must stop in any itinerary going to Laguna or Quezon provinces. Believe us, the food served is unforgettable with very reasonable prices. And the setting and ambiance is perfect, you will truly feel at home.

The Hari ng Negros organization is proud to have Patis Tesoro as an Honorable Member. She has been a great inspiration to the City of Canlaon, the Haris and the Negrense artists for which she has unselfishly shared her knowledge and expertise.

We will always be indebted to Tita Patis and the House of Tesoro for sharing their time, talent and energy not only for the Hari ng Negros but also for the promotion and preservation of the Negros fiber industry.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Patis Tesoro.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Joseph Hornido, the Prince of Guihulngan City possesses boyish charms and debonair looks that will surely melt your heart.

Cool, cultured and refined you will not be embarrassed to take him home and introduce him to mama.

Especially when he is finishing his MASTERAL Degree in Nursing and soon to take up his DOCTORATE.

But don't get confused, Joseph is down to earth like any other boy around the corner. He loves to play the guitar and composes love songs in his spare time. In fact, he still believes in the "Harana" tradition while courting a girl.

For him, joining Hari ng Negros was an inner challenge.

The challenge to face his fears and at the same time gain more confidence and self esteem.

While giving it all he's got.

In a venue surrounded with the most promising talents this side of the Philippines.

Yes, Joseph Hornido is an achiever whose ability to assist in the needs of others is far much greater than the desire to help one's self.

Which only a caring heart will surely give.

And a People's Prince will openly provide.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Hari ng Negros.