Thursday, October 30, 2008


Negros Island is filled with beautiful festivals. One of them is the colorful Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos City (adjacent to the hometown of the Haris - Canlaon City). This year's Pintaflores will take place on Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

“The Tale of Nabingkalan and her Dances of Flowers”

In the coastline of Negros Island, facing the island of Cebu, a lush and green valley is left uninhabited and untouched by human civilization until such time that a princess named Nabingka from a flourishing tribe somewhere in the neighboring island was destined to reach the plains as she fled away from the warring tribes of her place.

Aboard in a balsa (bamboo raft) with her warriors Princess Nabingka sailed across the deep trench of TaƱon Strait and reached the plains now called San Carlos City. In her favor, the first inhabitants named the place Nabingkalan (coined from Nabingka, the name of the princess and lan, a suffix of Visayan origin which means “in honor”).

It was believed that after the princess landed her new abode, Nabingkalan, she was melancholic and afflicted with an incurable disease perhaps caused by her remorse due to loneliness being away from her family. Princess Nabingka, became weak and the tribesmen with their families wept for almost a year until such time that a babaylan implored the nature spirits and predicated that the Princess was saddened due to the absence of flowers in the place.

The babaylan then ordered that all tribesmen should plant flowering shrubs, vines and trees. But the humid weather of the plains, the flowers didn’t bloom and the babaylan this time summoned all tribesmen including women to have their bodies tattooed with flowers. In magnanimity all tribe members tattooed their bodies with flowers endemic to her hinterland to remind the Princess of her bountiful and glorious days with her family.

The news about the plight of the princess reached her family’s tribe and the chieftain who is his father decided to follow the journey of her daughter. The chieftain accompanied by a priest sailed to Nabingkalan bringing the image of San Carlos de Borromeo as a traditional Christian gesture of spirituality on journeys. As he reached the place of the princess he couldn’t believe what he saw as the princess was alive and now back in her vigorous health.

Due to the glee on what he saw, the chieftain then threw a bangaw (food party) to signify his happiness. He ordered a hudyaka-pahalipay (merrymaking – thanksgiving) in honor of San Carlos de Borromeo, the patron saint of his journey. The journey that led him to the discovery that indeed her beloved daughter has now a place and a people of her own.

Vamos San Carlos! Viva Pintaflores!

Proud to be a Negrense, Forever Hari ng Negros!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental has the potential to become the next fashion capital of the Philippines.

There is a fashion show held practically every week in one of its many trendy bars and venues.

Because of its international student population, due mainly to the presence of Silliman University, Dumaguete has a steady pool of models as well as the ever presence of make up artists and local talent managers.

This week, Foundation University in Dumaguete is host to the 13th University Games (Unigames)

In honor of the athletes, GEA Events and Victorio Modeling Agency held the Fitness and Fashion show using local models.

Most of the male models have graduated from Hari ng Negros.

While others are still planning their comebacks.

Here, the Princes of Bayawan 2007 and 2008.

But Negros is not only home, to great looking guys. The girls are equally gorgeous.

At par with some of the best this country has to offer.

Watch out! The Legends of Sugarlandia fashion show is fast approaching and promises to be the most talked about fashion extravaganza of the year. Close to 50 of the most beautiful men and women of Negros Island will be ramping in tribal wear and body paint to the live drumbeaters of La Carlota to produce this 100% pure Negrense spectacle.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Hari ng Negros.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Paulo Ledesma Mirasol is considered Negrense pedigree, a product from two of the most well respected families in Negros.

To date, he gave Negros Occidental its first and only sword, breaking the 4 year winning streak of Negros Oriental to the delight of many Hiligaynons.

The final question asked of the Top 3 during pageant night was, "Each Hari before today symbolized and represented an element known to nature, Emman is earth, Reiven is fire, Paul Brett is water and Mark Xander is air. The next Hari will be the 5th element. What element would you represent and why?"

His answer was the element of "Heart". The other 2 chose the elements of "metal" and "light". At first, we thought it was just a very innocent and safe answer that won him the coveted Sword of Negros. Boy, were we wrong.

Paulo possesses a special, uncanny ability to communicate with animals.

No matter how dangerous and poisonous,

or wild they may be.

To him, each living thing on this earth has a purpose

No matter how hideous

and dangerous it may seem.

He can pick up, the most lethal of snakes

with the most utmost care and respect to the creatures.

Tarantulas have a special place in his heart.

As do tortoises


and bats.

Rarely can you find a person who has a true heart for nature and be united with the beast.

This again is Paulo Mirasol. This is Hari ng Negros.