Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental has the potential to become the next fashion capital of the Philippines.

There is a fashion show held practically every week in one of its many trendy bars and venues.

Because of its international student population, due mainly to the presence of Silliman University, Dumaguete has a steady pool of models as well as the ever presence of make up artists and local talent managers.

This week, Foundation University in Dumaguete is host to the 13th University Games (Unigames)

In honor of the athletes, GEA Events and Victorio Modeling Agency held the Fitness and Fashion show using local models.

Most of the male models have graduated from Hari ng Negros.

While others are still planning their comebacks.

Here, the Princes of Bayawan 2007 and 2008.

But Negros is not only home, to great looking guys. The girls are equally gorgeous.

At par with some of the best this country has to offer.

Watch out! The Legends of Sugarlandia fashion show is fast approaching and promises to be the most talked about fashion extravaganza of the year. Close to 50 of the most beautiful men and women of Negros Island will be ramping in tribal wear and body paint to the live drumbeaters of La Carlota to produce this 100% pure Negrense spectacle.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Hari ng Negros.