Thursday, October 23, 2008


Paulo Ledesma Mirasol is considered Negrense pedigree, a product from two of the most well respected families in Negros.

To date, he gave Negros Occidental its first and only sword, breaking the 4 year winning streak of Negros Oriental to the delight of many Hiligaynons.

The final question asked of the Top 3 during pageant night was, "Each Hari before today symbolized and represented an element known to nature, Emman is earth, Reiven is fire, Paul Brett is water and Mark Xander is air. The next Hari will be the 5th element. What element would you represent and why?"

His answer was the element of "Heart". The other 2 chose the elements of "metal" and "light". At first, we thought it was just a very innocent and safe answer that won him the coveted Sword of Negros. Boy, were we wrong.

Paulo possesses a special, uncanny ability to communicate with animals.

No matter how dangerous and poisonous,

or wild they may be.

To him, each living thing on this earth has a purpose

No matter how hideous

and dangerous it may seem.

He can pick up, the most lethal of snakes

with the most utmost care and respect to the creatures.

Tarantulas have a special place in his heart.

As do tortoises


and bats.

Rarely can you find a person who has a true heart for nature and be united with the beast.

This again is Paulo Mirasol. This is Hari ng Negros.