Monday, June 16, 2008


With the theme, "Legacy", the Hari ng Negros Organization is officially launching its first ever Body Painting Competition on Saturday, June 21 in Canlaon City. With the bodies of the 2008 Hari ng Negros candidates as canvass, this competition will again bring out the Negrense's passion for creativity.

Slots are open for 5 more artists who want to experience a fresh new medium. Please contact (63)9216000622 if you are interested.

Body Painting is a time honored tradition in Negros. Our ancestors, would paint and tattoo their bodies with different forms of tribal art that would depict their status in society or simply to attract more attention.

In recent times, Body Painting has been launched in famous Negros festivals such as Panaad, Masskara and Pintaflores. One of the pioneers of Body Painting here in Negros is Eric Estampador Caballes who has launched an annual competition entitled, "The NUI Body Painting Awards." You may visit his incredible work at

Now its time for the Crown Princes of Negros to continue this tradition.

Forever, Hari ng Negros.