Wednesday, July 2, 2008


HARI NG NEGROS 2008 opened the show with the candidates doing a production number in their traditional tribal costumes.

Hari ng Negros 2007 Paulo "Saki" Mirasol comes out with his royal court Joven Magbanua (Duke of Negros 2007) and JR Placencia (Crown Prince of Negros 2007).

Stalin Lescano of Bacolod is all smiles as he introduces himself to a screaming audience.

Ralph Jadraque of Mabinay in a sinulog-inspired tribal costume.

Michael Angelo Cristobal of Dumaguete wears a costume depicting the St. Catherine of Alexandra church in the background.

Vallehermoso's bet Herzzl Rubia not to be outdone.

While Talisay's Orville Cordova shows the crowd what he is made of.

Carlos Ruiz bagged the best costume award which he designed himself.

Sagay's Jay Cainglet shows the crowd his 17 year old sculpted body.

Hari ng Negros 2006 Mark Xander Fabillar hosts the event.

Amlan's Lord Chester Tan opens the streetwear portion with a bang!

Followed by Bacolod's Stalin Lescano, Jr.

Basay's Etben Bentong gets into the groove.

And Mark Godes of Bais City keeps his cool.

Bayawan's Kareem Capulso in is his Matix inspired rave wear.

Mabinay's Ralph Jadraque impresses the judges again with his style.

Talisay's Orville Cordova believes less is more.

Guihulngan's Joseph Hornido keeping his cool.

While Dauin's Nelson Bandoles giving John Travolta competition.

Canlaon's John Dhel Cabual's struts his stuff.

And Vallehermoso's Herzzl Rubia trying to outdo the others.

Everyone's favorite portion is swimwear. This year's swimwear is sponsored by International designer Sal Malto.

Bacolod an easy favorite to win the swimwear competition.

Bayawan exhibiting confidence and bearing.

Dauin showing off his body.

Mabinay looking fresh and toned.

La Libertad natural and athletic form.

Ilog gaining the attention of the crowd.

Hinigiran in Top Model form.

Talisay showing off his muscles.

Sagay not shy anymore.

Bayawan's Kareem Capulso wins the Hari ng Negros Model Discovery of the Year Award.

Dumaguete models the Barong which gave him an award.

Dauin looking good.

Calatrava smiles for the camera.

Bayawan destined for greater things

Basay, the boy next door...

Tanjay in baby blue barong.

Silay is utmost elegance with his barong

Mabinay looking snappy

Ilog showing a Barge Ramos barong

E.B.Magalona is all smiles in his barong.

Ralph Jadraque of Mabinay basking in the moment as he is proclaimed the new Hari.

Proud to be a Negrense, Forever Hari ng Negros!