Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Every year Robert Malengreau will spend two months in the Philippines for two reasons. The first is to lecture the new King of Negros about the importance of his title and the responsibilities bestowed upon him. And second, to look for Filipino movies to promote to Europe and the world in his film festival.

He was first invited to come to the Philippines in the early 80s by legendary film director Lino Brocka when they met at Cannes. And ever since then he kept on coming back, falling in love with our country and people especially Canlaon City.

Tito Robert, as we fondly call him, has been helping the Haris through the years, advising and guiding them about life and its many opportunities.

He has been an Honorary Member of the Hari ng Negros organization since its conception sharing his fatherly advice freely and inspiring us to continue what we do.

But there is more to Tito Robert than meets the eye. Last year he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Cinemanila together with Quintin Tarantino (Director of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction) and His Royal Highness Prince Yukol of Thailand.

But it is not only the Haris of Negros that Tito Robert has been guiding. More than anyone, he believes in the spirit of the Filipino. Their innate desire to overcome adversity and their abundance of talent and imagination.

For this reason, Tito Robert has been sending the best of Philippine cinema to compete for the greatest honors in The Belgian International Independent Film Festival which he has been the festival director for 35 years and at Cannes.

With Cesar Montano

Vilma Santos

Sharon Cuneta


Gina PareƱo

Yul Servo

Ricky Davao

Nora Aunor

Eddie Garcia

Albert Martinez

Christopher de Leon

With his best friend, His Royal Highness Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia

With international Chinese actress Gong Li of Memoirs of a Geisha.

He is currently writing a book about Versace. While in the Philippines he loves to travel and is a patron of the arts.

Thank you Tito Robert for always being there for us. Inspiring us to go on despite the odds. But most of all for believing in us.

Fans have superstars that they follow and adore. But superstars have Robert Malengreau.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever, Hari ng Negros.