Friday, November 21, 2008


Its fiesta time once again in Dumaguete. A new Queen and Princess has been chosen. And the city is once again celebrating.

Named after the national hero, the Rizal Boulevard of Dumaguete City is known for its beautiful promenade and dramatic views.

At night, the City converges at the baywalk, lured by the bright lights, the pulsating dance clubs, bars and specialty restaurants.

The baywalk's beautiful reflection illuminates the bay, a contrast to its backdrop, the serene silhouette of the Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros) mountains.

Artemis' moon has always kept a watchful eye on this place,

...where old Spanish houses and century-old acacia trees line its breakwaters,

...and where the Americans set up their first educational institution in Asia, the Silliman University.

Not to be outdone, the pioneering French Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres soon followed to shepherd the Catholic faithful.

Oh, yes, the fiesta beckons each year.

A time for the gentle and genteel families of Dumaguete together with their guests, to gather for the traditional feast of thanksgiving for the past year's blessings..

and the Haris to unite again.

To share memories and to paint the town red once more.
Join us on November 24-25 in Dumaguete City.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever, Hari ng Negros.