Wednesday, November 12, 2008


He calls himself "El Viajerro", the traveler.

Leading Negrense artists to new dimensions of discovery.

His bodypainting shows have become legendary in San Carlos City.

Inspiring many to learn the craft.

While opening the doors of imagination to its fullest.

He has resurrected and modified the ancient Negrense art of bodypainting.

Bringing it to new levels of ingenuity.

His photography is priceless.

Capturing the emotions and spirit of an island bursting with color.

Yet at times subdued in nature.

With KINA-ADMAN, the Art Association of San Carlos City, he is quietly leading a revolution to bring the importance of art back to our everyday lives.

The Hari ng Organization salutes Eric Estampador Cabales a.k.a. Nui for his incredible talent and leadership.

You can see Nui and his team transform the Haris and Queens of Negros into walking and breathing masterpieces at "Legends of Sugarlandia - the Hari ng Negros Body Paint and Tribal Fashion Show" on Saturday, November 15 at El Puerto Rico, Dumaguete City.

Also visit his blog at to get to know more about him. Besides being a painter and artist he is also an events organizer and fashion designer. FTV will do a special feature on his works this weekend.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Hari ng Negros.