Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There are a few things alive in this world that can survive more than a thousand years.

One of them is a balete tree found in Barangay Lumapao in Canlaon City.

Botanists from Silliman University estimated the tree to be over 1,300 years old.

Thanks to local superstition and folklore this tree is a living testimony to the area's natural history.

This tree was alive when the forests of Negros was still untouched.

At the same time, when the tree first started to take root, the final prophet of Islam, Mohammad walked the earth.

Constantinople was the world's largest and wealthiest city and the Chinese had just invented gun powder.

But for sure, within this tree lies the spirits that protect the Haris,

and the sacred grounds where the whisper of a prince's petition can be granted.

This is Hari ng Negros - Ginoong Canlaon 2009.

Proud to be a Negrense. Forever Hari ng Negros.


Marco said...

just recently been to negros, sayang i will miss this.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful tree!!!!