Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The Hari ng Negros Organization is pleased to announce that starting this year, the winner of Hari ng Negros will be managed by the prestigious VictoRio Modeling and Casting Agency. Hari ng Negros 2007 Saki Mirasol is currently a talent of the agency, soon to be followed by Mark Xander Fabillar and Paul Brett Orozco.

Some talents that the agency is handling is Be Bench winner Carlo Guevara, the multi-talented Michael Young and commercial model Puma Borja.

As a bonus, the Big Boss himself, Mr. Jojo Victorio will be flying to Negros to present 3 Special Awards during Hari ng Negros Pageant Night on June 28 in Canlaon City. These awards are Best in Print (Ads, Billboards, Glossy Magazines and Broadsheet), Best in TV Commercial and Best Runway Model.

Viva VictoRio!

Be Bench winner Carlo Guevara

Super talented Michael Young

Commercial Model Puma Borja