Thursday, June 19, 2008


For some reasons only known by the forces of nature, Kanlaon Volcano becomes active almost at the same time a new King will be proclaimed. It might be a sign that the volcano god is welcoming the new King of Negros or simply coincidence.

The fact is, the highest peak in Central Philippines has given Negros so many precious gifts - its fertile lands for planting sugar, geothermal energy, a watershed for irrigation and much, much more. What lives within its forests are more remarkable - countless species of birds, wildlife and plants only found here.

Maybe this is what makes Hari ng Negros different. To be proclaimed in a place so pristine and beautiful, blessed by the complete presence of all four elements of nature (earth, air, water, fire) and protected by the spirits that watch this land.

For this we shall always be loyal.

Forever, Hari ng Negros.