Friday, July 18, 2008


More than 100 guys have already graduated from Hari ng Negros (120 to be exact) in its six years of existence. One of the standouts is Michael Angelo Magbanua, a Prince of La Carlota.

Mike is obviously one of the winners of the genetic lottery.

While having pictorials at Apo Island, four tourists volunteered to become instant swimwear judges for the candidates.

And gave the Prince of La Carlota impressive scores. Looking at their smiles these judges for sure have stories to tell to their other girlfriends when they return back home.

Mike is pure Negrense in all its glory.

Easily being a crowd favorite as well as one of the finalists.

Being a nurse, he is caring and sensitive to the needs of others.

Soon, he will leave Negros to pursue his career so that one day he will return to help his family fulfill their dreams.

Proud to be a Negrense, Forever Hari ng Negros.