Friday, July 4, 2008


In Hinduism, Hari is another name of Visnu and Krisna, who is known as the supreme being or Ultimate Reality.

In Sanskrit, "Hari" sometimes refers to a colour, golden yellow like that of the sun.

Within Sikhism it is stated that one of the names of God is Hari. The Golden Temple, the most sacred temple in Sikhism is also called Hari Mandir or "Temple of God."

In Indonesian, "Hari" means daylight while in Malay "Hari" means day.

Here in the Philippines, a "Hari" is a Chieftain, a King, a ruler of his people and provider for his tribe.

While in Negros a Hari is he who unites man with the beast, a champion for all that is good and a role model in today's struggling times.

Forever he shall be known as the Wielder of the Sword of Malaspina, the Defender of the Code of Calantiao, the Protector of the Gates of Margaha and the Keeper of the Golden Salakot. He will always be known as the Hari of Negros, the Ginoong Canlaon.

Ralph Jadraque from the Kingdom of Caves, Gateway to the Underworld and to Middle Earth, Crown Prince of Mabinay, proclaim your destiny. All the gifts of Negros are yours. Use them wisely like the other Haris before you. You are next in line of the Negros Kings to fulfill the ancient prophecy. Now, more than ever, Negros needs a champion. For this, above all others is the reason why you were chosen.

Forever, Hari ng Negros.